The Management Investors in NIP Infrastructures
Industrial Land Factory / Warehouse

Investors in NIP

The Investors are from around the globe: Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, USA, France, China, Malaysia, Thailand.

The business lines are Food & Beverages, Auto parts, Bags (Paper & Plastic), Ceramic Tile, Chemical Products, Food Processing, Hygienic Products, Jewellery, Musical Instrument, Tobacco Processing, Wood Working, Wooden Products, Sanitary Ware, etc.

Some of the Investors are:
  • PT. Toyota Astra Motor
  • PT. Yakult Indonesia Persada
  • PT. Uni-Charm Indonesia
  • PT. Surabaya Autocomp Indonesia
  • PT. Hitachi Transport System Indonesia
  • PT. Cort Indonesia
  • PT. Aice Ice Cream Jatim Industry
  • PT. Swanson Plastics indonesia
  • PT. United Can Company
  • PT. Roman Ceramic International
  • PT. King Halim Jewelry